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Magento is the most widely used e-commerce CMS with over 204,000 sites using it. After shining the spotlight on some of the most stunning responsive WordPress and Drupal themes, I thought it was time that we look at some of the best responsive Magento themes.

Here is our list of 47 beautiful responsive Magento themes.

1. F2 – Fashion Boutique – $179 (Demo)

F2 is a trendy theme for fashion boutique that includes the following features boosting user experience on-site and allowing to present store products the most advantageous way. The theme comes with Megamenu, Unique catalog page, Unique product page, Category badges, Image Slider, Carousel product listing, Sticky header, and Configurable swatches. What’s more, you will save $265 with TM Modules included into the template price.


2. Vini – $179 (Demo)

Clothes Vini theme is an incredible solution for fashion stores. It has minimalist design with ghost buttons, thin fonts and brief texts. Big banners make the navigation more intuitive. Product search and presentation are really user-friendly. The buyer can sort out the products with the help of multiple filters (Ajax filter, Ajax compare). Clothing photos are large, you can post lots of them to show the items from all sides. Besides, products are supplied with stickers, star ratings, prices, color palettes and call-to-action buttons .


3. Ultimo – $99 (demo)

Ultimo is the best selling Magento theme ever created, and has been used over 8,000 times with an average rating of 4.77 out of 5; not bad.

It’s fully responsive, and easily customised with unlimited colours and styles. For product pages it has lightbox and cloud zoom functionality, and the ability to show the brand logo for each product. This theme takes two minutes to install and has over 190 pages of documentation to help you get the most out of it.

Whatever type of store you’re creating, Ultimo will give you an awesome foundation to build on.

Ultimo Magento theme

4. Shopper – $85 (demo)

Shopper is a fully responsive and Retina ready Magento theme that includes the revolution slider plugin. It has a fully customisable product grid, and enables custom colours for different category pages. Other useful features include an Ajax price slider, customisable product image size, and a flexible fluid slideshow.

Shopper Magento theme

5. Fortis – $97 (demo)

Fortis is a premium Magento theme with a fully responsive layout, unlimited colours, and a fluid grid system. The home page includes a slideshow, the option to choose between a 1, 2, or 3 column layout, and sliders for new or featured products. This is one of the better coded Magento themes, and has been optimised for fast page loading times.

Fortis Magento theme

6. Blanco – $85 (demo)

Blanco is a minimal Magento theme with Ajax add to cart functionality, various menu designs, social network integration, and sliders for new and sale products.

Blanco Magento theme

7. Acumen – $90 (demo)

Acumen is a best-selling grid-based Magento theme designed to fit a wide range of online stores. It’s fully compatible with the latest version of Magento ( as of writing), and contains a huge variety of features including sliders, language translation, and web fonts.

Acumen Magento theme

8. BuyShop – $80 (demo)

BuyShop is a retina ready Magento theme based on the Bootstrap framework and coded in HTML5 and CSS3. It has a range of predefined layouts, and includes premium ticket support, and a handful of Magento connect extensions.

Buy shop Magento theme

9. Milano – $90 (demo)

Milano is an ideal Magento theme for fashion and clothing stores. It includes a countdown timer, a Pinterest-style blog, and Ajax infinite scrolling functionality.

Milano Magento theme

10. Celebrity – $85 (demo)

Celebrity is a one-click install Magento theme with unlimited colour variations and light and dark skins. It includes a full width and boxed layout style skin, and has well structured code.

Celebrity Magento theme

11. Dresscode – $80 (demo)

Dresscode is a fully responsive theme with a powerful admin panel, unlimited colours, and an exclusive slider / banner. It integrates with social networks, and includes a custom dropdown menu.

Dress code Magento theme

12. Venedor – $85 (demo)

Venedor is a responsive and retina ready Magento theme with one page checkout, four homepage sliders, and easy to install sample content.

Venedor Magento theme

13. MT Studio – $85 (demo)

MT Studio is a fluid responsive Magento theme that’s easy to install and configure with powerful admin modules. It can be used for any type of e-commerce store, and comes with plenty of features such as mega menu, brand slider, one page checkout, and Ajax cart.

MT Studio Magento theme

14. Classy Shop – $70 (demo)

Classyshop is a HTML5 and CSS3 theme with a fluid product grid style and modules for displaying featured and best selling products. The theme is relatively minimal, making it a good choice for any store that requires a clean look and feel.

Classy shop Magento theme

15. Accessories Car Store – $63 (demo)

Despite the name, Car Store is a good theme for virtually any store, but is focused around an automative style. It includes eight different coloured skins and is fully responsive.

Accessories Car Shop Magento theme

16. Bear Store – $80 (demo)

Bear Store is a responsive Magento theme with a one-click installer, Ajax plugins, and Facebook connect integration. This theme looks amazing on mobile and tablet devices, and is extremely well coded with speed and SEO in mind.

Bear store Magento theme

17. Simple Great – $80 (demo)

Simple Great is a responsive theme with touch support, meaning that not only does the website ‘shrink’ to fit the screen of mobile and tablet devices, but sliders and interactive elements also work perfectly when used on smaller screens. It has unlimited colour themes and is easy to customise.

Simple Great Magento theme

18. Perfectum – $80 (demo)

Perfectum is a universal Magento theme designed for any online store to use. It’s well coded in HTML5 and CSS3, and is fully compatible with the latest versions of Magento (as well as versions as old as

Perfectum Magento theme

19. Chocolate – $85 (demo)

Chocolate is another elegant Magento theme with lots of static CMS blocks, cloud zoom integration, and a fully customisable slideshow.

Chocolate Magento theme

20. Go Market – $85 (demo)

GoMarket is a customisable Magento theme with an easy to use drag and drop layout builder. It uses a CSS grid system and has widgets for highlight featured, sale-off, and best selling products.

Go Market Magento theme

21. DecoStore – $70 (demo)

DecoStore includes social network integration, new product sliders, Ajax add to cart, and multiple menu styles. It’s best designed for clothing stores and fashions stores.

Deco Store Magento theme

22. Electroneus Market – $85 (demo)

Admittedly, the colours used on their demo are a bit 1999, but the Electroneus Magento theme is a popular choice with lots of different styles and customisation options.

Electroneus Magento theme

23. Colinus – $80 (demo)

Colinus is an attractive theme with three preset styles (red, orange, blue) and unlimited customisation options. It has a drop down shopping cart in the header, and supports Ajax add to cart.

Colinus Magento theme

24. Magma – $80 (demo)

Magma is a popular Magento theme that uses Ajax virtually everywhere, and includes a few unique functions, such as the ability to login using your social media accounts, and integrate videos from YouTube into product pages.

Magma Magento theme

25. Santana Fashion Store – $75 (demo)

Santana Fashion is a clean fashion store theme with jQuery product sliders, custom drop down menus, product zooms, and an easy to use shopping cart.

Santana Magento theme

26. Black & White – $85 (demo)

Black and White is a retina ready Magento theme suitable for all stores. It includes Onepage checkout, blog extension, Ajax add to cart, and many other useful add ons for e-commerce platforms.

Black and White Magento theme

27. Fresh – $85 (demo)

Fresh is a popular Magento theme that’s Retina ready, responsive, and easy to customise. The team at Meigee also offer free installation and configuration.

Fresh Magento theme

28. Response – $75 (demo)

Response is a responsive Magento theme optimised for SEO and page loading speed. The theme is coded in HTML5 and is based on the 16 column GetSkeleton grid. While very simple, it’s a great starting point for any Magento store that doesn’t need lots of bells and whistles.

Response Magento theme

29. Zonda – $85 (demo)

Zonda is a stunning responsive Magento theme that’s Retina ready out of the box and includes five separate home page layouts. The theme includes Revolution slider and iOS slider (worth $30 together), over 25 PSD files for editing, and is highly mobile optimised with touch optimised sliders.


30. Metros – $80 (demo)

Metros is a minimalist responsive Magento theme that uses Ajax everywhere (navigation, shopping cart etc.) reducing the need for page refreshing. It has a powerful backend, and enables unlimited colours and customisation.

Metros Magento theme

31. Vigo Shop – $85 (demo)

Vigo Shop is an award winning responsive Magento theme that offers a free installation for Magento newbies. This theme enables square or rectangle product images, grid or list view product displays, and a huge range of customisation options.

Vigo Shop Magento theme

32. Medusa Luxury – $75 (demo)

Exdress Medusa is an eye catching Magento theme with a huge range of customisation options and different ways of displaying products. It’s fully cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive.

Medusa Magento theme

33. Sportshop – $80 (demo)

Sportshop is a responsive designed Magento theme with 4 skin colours available, social network integration, and many handy e-commerce features such as cloud zoom, back to top, and brand logo sliders. While it could be customised to virtually anything it’d best suit sports stores, shoe stores, and clothing / fashion stores.

Sportshop Magento theme

34. Jewellery Store – $75 (demo)

Jewellery is a responsive Magento theme that includes advanced Ajax search, the ability to show latest tweets in the footer, and a quick shopping cart view. Primarily designed with jewellery stores in mind, the design is very clean and minimal.

Jewellery Store magento theme

35. Gadget Magento Theme – $85 (demo)

Gadget is a versatile Magento theme that includes four different colours and child themes to customise. It’s fully compatible with stores that require products to be displayed in a variety of languages and currencies.

Gadget Magento theme

36. Beauty Shop – $80 (demo)

BeautyShop is a stylish responsive theme for any online store that requires a clean and well-coded Magento theme. It includes over 200+ pattern backgrounds, 500+ fonts, and a huge range of customisation options to play with.

Beauty Shop Magento theme

37. MetroShop – $85 (demo)

Metroshop is a responsive theme optimised for SEO and site speed. It includes Google Maps, Quick shopping cart, banner slider, and product zoom functionality.

Metroshop Magento theme

38. Furniture Magento Theme – $57 (demo)

While not the most beautiful theme, Furniture is a well designed Magento theme and well set up for furniture stores. The theme is very basic and would be easy to customise into something more visually compelling.

Furniture Magento theme

39. MT Computer – $85 (demo)

Computer is a fully responsive theme with a powerful admin panel and mega menu integration. It offers unlimited colours and skins, and includes Ajax page navigation, add to cart, compare, wish list, and search functions.

MT Computer Magento theme

40. Ves Fashion – $85 (demo)

Ves Fashion is a perfect Magento theme for fashion shops, clothes stores, and shoe stores. It’s built on the latest Venus and Bootstrap frameworks, making it 100% responsive on all resolutions from mobile, to tablet and larger displays.

Ves Fashion theme

41. MT Belano – $85 (demo)

MT Belano is a responsive parallax theme with beautiful home page templates. It includes Ajax shop by price sliders, as well as a powerful product scroller. MT Belano is fully compatible with the latest version of Magento.

MT Belano Magento theme

42. Ves Bigshop – $85 (demo)

Ves Bigshop is an elegant Magento theme built on the Bootstrap framework. It supports multiple stores and includes a huge range of modules, making customisation really easy.

Ves Big Shop Magento theme

43. Saggita – $80 (demo)

Sagitta is a relatively simple Magento theme with six available colours, category search functionality, vertical megamenus, and brand logo sliders.

Saggita Magento theme

44. MA Argona – $85 (demo)

MA Argona is a customisable responsive Magento theme with three preset stores; a bike theme, a watch theme, and a furniture theme. It includes a one-click install, and has all of the standard plugins, such as Ajax Add to Cart Pro and Layer Navigation.

MA Argona Magento theme

45. Petsy Shop – $85 (demo)

Petsy Shop is, unsurprisingly, designed for stores that sell pet products! This fully responsive theme comes with six preset colours, and includes new product sliders, upsell product sliders, and featured product sliders.

Petsy Shop Magento theme

46. MT Yoming – $85 (demo)

Yoming is a fully responsive theme compatible with the latest versions of Magento. This theme comes integrated with Revolution slider, and is easily customisable with unlimited colours.

MT Yoming

47. Erida – $85 (demo)

Erida is a responsive Magento theme with 7 available skins, a mega menu, Ajax add to cart pro, and a product slider for upselling products.

Erida Magento theme

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