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Content and search marketing

Search Engine & Content Marketing

Our team are industry experts in search & content marketing, and have helped clients achieve £millions extra in online revenue.
Social media strategy

Social Media Strategy & Marketing

There are over one billion people actively using social networks. What are you doing to listen and build your brand on social media?
Conversion and usability

Conversion, Design & Usability

We scientifically optimise your website to deliver a better user experience, driving more conversions and maximising your ROI.

Latest from the Venture Harbour blog


101 Search Engine Optimisation Tips for 2014

Search engine optimisation: one of the most (if not the most) controversial digital marketing topics. Some say that content marketing is the new SEO. Others say that it’s possible to link your way to the top of Google. Matthew Woodward, on the other hand, will tell you that it’s possible to rank a blog (and yes, […]

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Impacto theme

21 WordPress Portfolio Themes for Designers, Writers, Artists, Photographers, and Illustrators

Just over a month ago, I put together a huge list of responsive WP themes. I’ve received a tonne of messages from people asking which themes would be best for them, most of whom were looking for a great portfolio theme. So, instead of responding to lots more messages, I’ve decided to put together this […]

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7 Best Membership Plugins for WordPress

One of the most profitable, yet underutilised, blog monetization strategies is to create a paid membership program and drive customers to it. Why are membership programs so profitable? Simple — membership programs get you recurring payments. In other words, your customer doesn’t just buy an eBook or video training course from you just once. Instead, he’s sending […]

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Latest Case Studies

The Musician's Guide

The Musician's Guide Case Study
See how we increased The Musician's Guide's SEO traffic by over 4,000% in three years from 700 visits/month to 30,000 visits/ month.


FanDistro Case Study
See how we increased the number of monthly signups to FanDistro by 543% using Facebook Ads and landing page optimisation.

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