The Place to Grow.

We’re a small, nimble team that takes pride in doing our best work in a calm work environment. If that sounds like a team you can see yourself being a part of, read on…

We're All Owners.

Our team are some of the most curious, self-motivated people you’ll work with.

You won’t find much red tape here either, as we trust everyone to take ownership and make decisions in the best interest of the team.

Small by Design.

We believe small teams have an inherent advantage.

A small team promotes ownership, agility, autonomy and a need for working smart. That’s why we’ve commited to keeping the Venture Harbour team always below 30 people, and investing in the team’s growth.

It's the first job where the promises I was given during interview have all been delivered. I think what Venture Harbour has is incredibly unique (and has all my developer friends jealous).

Darren RoyleTech Lead

Perks That Actually Matter.

You won’t find foosball tables, catered lunches, or other gimmicky perks here. Instead, we support our team with perks that matter (see the full list).


With regular team retreats, hackathons, external mentors, a generous personal development budget, and a new venture being built every year, you can’t help but level-up here.


Remote work & flexible hours are the default here. We offer one of the most generous holiday policies around, as well as budget to visit teammates in other cities & get a co-working space.


From private health insurance for your family, to £80/month to spend on anything that supports your health and wellbeing, we’re serious about work being a driver of good health.