AI-driven financial comparison site


Some traders spend weeks trying to find the right broker to trade with. We simplified this process down to 15 seconds by building an algorithm that finds the most suitable broker for you based on your criteria.

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Luxury travel & lifestyle inspiration


Qosy is a luxury travel & lifestyle site we built that reached half a million visitors within its first year. It has since attracted partnerships with many luxury brands and continues to grow month-on-month.

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Marketing automation comparison site & news

Marketing Automation Insider

At Venture Harbour, we spend a lot of time experimenting with marketing automation. We built this site to share some of our insights on choosing marketing automation software & building campaigns.

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Legal contracts for the music industry

Music Law Contracts is an eCommerce site that we launched in 2011. The website has provided music contracts to over 1,000 clients including Ministry of Sound, Warner Music Group, and Jamie Cullum.

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Comfort zone calculator

What is My Comfort Zone? is the World’s first scientifically-valid tool for measuring artificial mental barriers (i.e. ‘comfort zones’).

The tool went viral in 2014, leading to us delivering talks at TEDx, OneWorldSummit & AwesomenessFest. It has since been referenced in numerous academic studies on the subject.