Our Ventures

Each year, our team create a new SaaS venture with one rule; It must be more ambitious than the last.

Guide your team in the right direction with TrueNorth's Marketing OS

Our latest venture is a Marketing OS that enables growth & marketing teams to move faster and stay aligned by centralising their marketing in one place, not all over the place.

Enabling Remote Workers to Get Focused With Serene

Serene is a macOS app we created to give remote workers productivity superpowers by shielding them from digital distractions.

Helping businesses capture 3X more leads with Leadformly

Leadformly helped B2B businesses capture 3X more leads from their websites by replacing their web forms with smart, interactive forms.

We've built, sold & invested in dozens of ambitious businesses.

In addition to building a new venture each year, we aim to sell one every 3-5 years to keep our portfolio fresh. We also occasionally make small investments in ambitious businesses that align with our vision.

Our Approach

Starting With a Problem

The innovation process begins with a list of problems.

From helping remote workers get their focus back, to enabling websites to capture the leads they deserve, all of our ventures aim to solve a major problem facing tomorrow’s leading companies.


Through a process of rapid ideation, design sprints, and customer development we identify and shape a problem into a small, viable product in a matter of weeks.

Finding Product-Market Fit

Once we’ve built a small viable product, we work in short iterative cycles with our Alpha/Beta users to develop the product into a sustainable business that earns the attention and loyality of customers.

About two thirds of our ventures achieve product-market fit, enabling them to proceed to phase three; Acceleration.

Unlocking Growth

The Accleration phase aims to discover the one growth lever that, when doubled down on, leads to exceptional growth.


As a bootstrapped venture studio, we opt for a sustainable approach to growth; Choosing profitable business models over the short-sighted mantra of ‘scale now, monetise later’ that is so prevelant in tech.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, our growth is 10X higher than the average European venture firm, and our ventures are some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK.

Growth on Autopilot

This is where Venture Harbour’s approach diverges from the norm.

Instead of raising capital and hiring large teams, we do exactly the opposite; Automating as much of the venture’s growth strategy so that it continues to grow on autopilot while we focus on our next venture.


We’re often asked how we’re able to run so many ventures with a small team – the answer: Automation.