Editorial Policy

Last updated: 2nd February 2023

At Venture Harbour, we’re guided by the principle to write the kinds of comparisons, reviews and guides we wish existed when we face software decisions for our ventures. 

We pride ourselves on creating the most in-depth, expert-led comparisons on the topics we write about. This is only made possible by having first-hand experience using the tools we review, and understanding the categories that we write about. 

In the email marketing and automation category, for example, we have been annually reviewing platforms for 10+ years, surveyed over 7,000 users, and used at least a dozen platforms internally across our portfolio. It’s this primary experience coupled with market data from our network of websites in this category, such as MarketingAutomationInsider.com and Stackup.co, that enable us to write comparisons that you can trust. 

Thorough Testing

Before a software product is reviewed, our team thoroughly tests it to ensure that all aspects of the product are evaluated. Our review process involves evaluating the product’s features, performance, pricing, user experience, and support. We also consider the product’s differentiation and overall value it offers to its users.


We believe in transparency and providing our readers with the information they need to make informed decisions. Our content aims to balance the pros and cons of any piece of software and discloses any issues or concerns that we’d have ourselves if we were to purchase it for our businesses.

Your feedback

The majority of our guides are updated annually and take into account surveys, comments and user feedback to ensure that our reviews and comparisons are up-to-date and as helpful as they can be. We welcome our readers to submit their own reviews and experiences with software products to help us create the best possible content we can.