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The Mere Exposure Effect: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Over the last few months, we’ve been looking at a range of psychological devices marketers use to influence buyer decisions and increase conversions. Today it’s all about the mere exposure effect, one of the most widely used techniques in advertising and marketing over the last fifty years. Otherwise known as the familiarity principle, the mere […]

The Endowment Effect: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at a series of psychological and behavioural economic factors marketers use to drive conversions. This week we’re looking at the endowment effect, which explains the human habit attributing greater value to things we own than those we don’t. First, I’ll start by explaining what the endowment effect is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Value Proposition w/ 30+ Examples

Value propositions are one of the most important elements on web pages and ads. Capturing people’s interest and getting them to find out more about what you’re offering all comes down to how successful your value propositions are. Fail with your value propositions and people probably won’t even notice your ads. They’ll hit the back […]

Sunk Cost Bias: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Sunk cost bias (otherwise known as sunk cost fallacy) is a psychological trap we fall into when making decisions. It’s the reason we overeat expensive meals, hoping to get our money’s worth. The reason we continue watching a bad film, purely because we’ve already wasted an hour of our lives on it. And it even keeps […]

Which Marketing Metrics & KPIs Should You be Tracking – and Why?

One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is measuring the success and profitability of their campaigns. In an increasingly data-driven industry, marketing strategies need to prove their worth and this only happens when you can attribute their success to the key metrics and KPIs that matter. But which metrics and KPIs really matter most […]

Loss Aversion: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Loss aversion is the theory that we fear loss considerably more than we desire gaining something. More specifically, it says the psychological pain of losing something is roughly twice as intense as the pleasure of gaining something of the same value. In other words, losing £20 hurts us a lot more than gaining £20 will please […]

18 Mobile Landing Page Optimisation Ideas & Best Practices

With mobile dominating search, more of your landing page traffic comes from the portable devices in people’s lives. Research by Wolfgang Digital reveals that 59% of all eCommerce sessions in 2016 were on mobile. Which confirms what we already know: it’s vital that you optimise your pages for the best possible experience on mobile. But […]

19 Ways to Add Urgency to Your Landing Pages (with Examples)

As the online consumer journey continues to get longer for most purchases, it’s increasingly difficult to get quick conversions. People do a lot of research before buying these days and the list of competitors fighting for their attention only grows. Which means we have to work harder to instil that sense of urgency in people; […]

12 Homepage A/B Test Ideas Backed by UX Research

In many cases, the homepage will be the first thing users see of your brand. The big challenge with homepage design is you’ve got represent your entire business and offer an overview of everything you have to offer. Talk about mixed messages. With so much going on, it takes time to refine the perfect homepage […]

The Bandwagon Effect: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Consumers like to think they buy thing through free will. In reality, the vast majority of our buying decisions are influenced by people and things around us. The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon where people subconsciously (or even consciously) mimic the buying choices of other people. This is one of the many psychological attributes marketers […]

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