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The Bandwagon Effect: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Consumers like to think they buy thing through free will. In reality, the vast majority of our buying decisions are influenced by people and things around us. The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon where people subconsciously (or even consciously) mimic the buying choices of other people. This is one of the many psychological attributes marketers […]

15 Landing Page Form Best Practices & Examples

A good landing page has two jobs. First, it should inspire visitors to convert on the spot. And, failing that, it needs to generate some kind of secondary lead you can nurture further along the buying process. When a landing page does none of the above, it has failed to do its job. Sadly, one […]

The Confirmation Bias: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

Confirmation bias is a psychological habit where we interpret and remember information in a way that confirms our existing ideas and beliefs. Essentially, we’re geared to favour information that tells us we’re correct and shun information to the contrary. The term was first coined by English psychologist Peter Wason in 1960, but marketers are still […]

The Halo Effect: 7 Ways to Use It to Boost Your Conversions (with Examples)

The halo effect is a classic psychological phenomenon that’s been used by marketers for almost a century. It’s the reason a young, handsome person is convicted of a violent crime or a casually-dressed lady turns out to be a millionaire. It’s the same reason first impressions are so important in job interviews. The halo effect is […]

7 Free UX & Usability Tools to Improve Your Landing Pages

In our last article, we looked at 101 landing page optimisation tips to help you build better pages from the start and improve performance over time. That second part is where a lot of brands run into problems. Not only is landing page optimisation a time-consuming hobby, you have to pay good money for a […]

101 Landing Page Optimisation Tips

Landing pages should be where the bulk and best of your leads are coming from. If they’re not, there’s something wrong. If they are, you can probably And, if they are, it’s probably because you spend a good amount of time optimising your landing pages for the best performance. Landing page optimisation is an ongoing process. […]

15 Form A/B Test Ideas Backed by UX Research

Web forms rarely get the attention they deserve when it comes to conversion optimisation. Most brands settle for the same old designs, which are typically built on design principles from half a decade ago – or more. Times have changed. Modern web forms (or at least the high-converting ones) look very different these days. Brands […]

8 Awesome Landing Page Builders to Try Out in 2017

Marketing today is all about generating targeted leads with a proven potential to buy. Generic homepages don’t really cut it anymore and it takes a suite of landing pages to pinpoint specific consumer needs. Unfortunately, landing pages don’t build themselves but the good news is there are plenty of tools to make the process easier […]

53 Tools That Help Us Grow Online Businesses by 330% Per Year

Since 2012, our team have built eight online businesses that have collectively grown by 330% or more per year. We’re extremely proud of this growth, but we wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without the tools that have enabled us to scale and systemise our websites. Below is a full list of the tools […]

How We Got a 75.62% Webinar Attendance Rate

According to the latest Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24, the average webinar attendance rate is 46%. This is pretty consistent with the results from previous studies and the 40-50% target is generally accepted across the board. So we were a little disappointed by the fact that only 20% of people who signed up to our The 4-Step […]

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