There are digital agencies, and then there's us

We know what it’s like; You want your digital marketing to be handled by someone who values excellence like you do and who measures and delivers success in tangible outcomes, not hours spent.

At Venture Harbour, we deliberately stay small and cap the number of clients we take on to ensure that your project gets the attention it deserves.

This also means that, unlike agencies that pass new projects on to junior recruits, every project is worked on by experts including our award-winning founder, Marcus Taylor.

There are agencies and then there's us
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Digital marketing that pays for itself

From conversion rate increases that generate more revenue for our clients, to content campaigns that get featured on sites like The Huffington Post, we focus on the things that actually make our clients more money.

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies ranging from small businesses and newly-funded start-ups, to established brands, delivering results that pay for themselves.

With Venture Harbour, there’s no fluff. Just hard work and real results.

Case Study: Facebook Advertising & CRO

How we generated a 524% ROI for FanDistro

FanDistro are an innovative music startup that incentivises fans to share an artist’s music to unlock rewards.

Through a combination of highly-segmented Facebook Ad campaigns and landing page optimisation, we were created a user acquisition channel that acquired new users at a highly profitable ROI of 524%.

On top of this, we increased FanDistro’s signup conversion rate from <1% to 10.8%, boosting the profitability of all other marketing activity.

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Case Study: Content Marketing

How we increased Qosy's revenue by 1,441%

In under a year, we grew Qosy’s traffic by over 2,315%, leading to a 1,441% increase in revenue.

We achieved this by creating a series of 5,000-word guides on luxury products and experiences. By spending over 50 hours on each guide, we were able to create some of the best content in the luxury industry.

As a result, the guides collectively generated over 10,000 shares and 214,000 unique visits.

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We design, build, and grow our own online ventures

In such a fast-moving industry, we think it’s important to constantly experiment and test new ideas to understand what works right now.

We’ve built a portfolio of eight successful online businesses, some of which have led to TED talks, tens of thousands of social shares, and coverage on mainstream news sites.

Not only does building our own online businesses provide valuable insights and opportunities, it also means that we understand our clients’ challenges as, more often than not, we’ve experienced them first-hand.

Our ventures

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