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9 Simple CRO Fixes That Yield Big Results

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is an essential marketing strategy but knowing what to test can be a real nightmare – especially if you’re only just getting started with CRO. Choose the wrong tests and you’re going to waste valuable time, budget and other resources that have no positive impact on your business. Keep this up […]

11 Secrets of Designing Emails That Convert (with Examples)

According to data from HubSpot, 99% of consumers check their email every day while 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increases customer retention. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Email is one of the only channels that gives you a direct line to leads and customers individually. Crucially, it’s also the only channel, aside […]

30+ Marketing & Sales Tasks You Need to Automate

Marketing automation is one of the biggest topics in the industry right now with brands of all sizes looking to maximise results. Interest in marketing automation has tripled over the past five years and this has been helped by new advances in technologies like machine learning – not to mention significantly more competitive prices. Over […]

11 Places Your Website Is Losing Conversions – and How to Fix Them

According to insights from Unbounce, the average conversion rate for landing pages is 4.02% although this does vary from one industry to another. Either way, the vast majority of visitors who land on your site are going to leave without completing any valuable action and increasing conversion rates is an ongoing priority. An effective conversion […]

50+ Tools To Help You Nail PPC in 2020

According to the State of PPC 2018-2019 report from Hanapin Marketing, 79% of brands say paid advertising is a major driver for their business. Search ads remain the biggest source of inbound traffic for a lot of brands and advertisers although social advertising has made big strides over the past five years or so. The […]

7 CRO ‘Best Practices’ That Can Kill Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is one of the most important marketing strategies for modern brands. If you’re looking to make the most of your traffic and maximise ROI, then optimising for conversions is the obvious place to start. It sounds like a sweet deal, too. Run a few tests and watch those conversion rates climb, […]

10 GDPR-Friendly Ways to Personalise Your Sales Funnel

One of the biggest challenges for marketers in the age of GDPR and other data privacy regulations is personalising digital experiences. The more relevant you can make your marketing messages to individual users, the greater your chances of converting them into customers and convincing them to make ongoing purchases in the future. GDPR means you […]

CTA Psychology: 11 Principles That Make Users Click

According to research from Unbounce, the average conversion rate on business landing pages is 4.02%. In some industries, these averages can drop as low as 2.6% or reach as high as 6.1% but the key point here is that 90%+ of the traffic that lands on your site isn’t converting into anything valuable. Source: Unbounce […]

11 Lead Generation Ideas That’ll Triple Your Email Signups

With the latest research showing online purchases involve anywhere between 20 and 500+ touchpoints, multi-channel lead nurturing has never been so important. The biggest challenge with multi-channel marketing is reliably tracking user actions, so you can identify them as they make these touchpoints and reach out to them with relevant messages to guide them along […]

10 Best All-in-One Email Marketing, Automation & CRM Platforms

According to research from Google, it can take anywhere between 20 to 500+ touchpoints for people to complete an online purchase. Not only that, but the number and type of touchpoints can vary greatly, depending on the purchase in question and the individual needs of each buyer. The modern sales process is a complex and […]

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