digital transformation

Digital transformation

Looking to 2X, 5X, or 10X your digital marketing results? Our popular 3-month digital transformation package is designed to identify and execute on the biggest opportunities to boost ROI from your marketing.

For three months, our team will be your team. We’ll combine forces to fundamentally transform your digital results, for good.

We work on one digital transformation per quarter. Due to high-demand we recommend joining our waiting list as early as possible.

Conversion optimisation

Want to turn more of your visitors into leads – or customers? We provide tailored conversion optimisation consulting to a limited number of clients. These services include:

  • Landing page design & optimisation
  • Conversion-focused redesigns
  • Onboarding / form optimisation
  • A/B testing
  • Customer & product feedback research
  • Data analytics & interpretation

Marketing automation

Marketing automation enables you to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. But getting to that point is easier said than done. We’ll get you there sooner by working with you on:

  • Building marketing funnels
  • Marketing automation strategy
  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Marketing automation optimisation
  • Vendor selection advice
  • Implementation & training

A different breed of digital marketing company

If you’re looking for a typical digital marketing company, you won’t find one here.

At Venture Harbour, we do many things contrary to the norm. For starters, we deliberately stay small and cap the number of clients we work with. We do this because we prioritise being exceptional over being big.

We also don’t have a day-rate. At Venture Harbour, the project is completed when the goal is accomplished, not when the client’s allocated time runs out.

Having built over eight successful online businesses ourselves, we understand the realities of growing an online business. Our services are built upon those realities, not against them.

A different breed
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Case Study: Facebook Advertising & CRO

How we generated a 524% ROI for FanDistro

FanDistro is an innovative music startup that incentivises fans to share an artist’s music to unlock rewards.

Through a combination of highly-segmented Facebook Advertising campaigns and landing page optimisation, we were able to create a user acquisition channel that acquired new users at a highly profitable ROI of 524%.

On top of this, we increased FanDistro’s signup conversion rate from <1% to 10.8%, boosting the profitability of all other marketing activity.

Case Study: Content Marketing

How we increased Qosy's revenue by 1,441%

In under a year, we grew Qosy’s traffic by over 2,315%, leading to a 1,441% increase in revenue.

We achieved this by creating a series of 5,000-word guides on luxury products and experiences. By spending over 50 hours on each guide, we were able to create some of the best content in the luxury industry.

As a result, the guides collectively generated over 10,000 shares and 214,000 unique visits.

Scotch case study
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